Mid-Size Studio with Sea View 

Beautiful front line cabin with the most magical view of the central coast, surrounded by trees and vegetation. Breathtaking, ideal for couples who want privacy.

In 45 square meters inside plus 20 mt2 of terraces. You will find an open space, in which bedroom, living room and kitchen are shared. A covered terrace overlooking the cliff with an atomic view. With a gas grill.

 This space is situated entirely on the ground floor for easy access and offering just over 320 square feet of living space in total. 

Once again, guests will be able to enjoy their own private balcony here, with seating ready to welcome you and amazing views guaranteed to live long in the memory. You'll also find a private kitchen and bathroom, as well as storage shelves, a large bed, a dining area, and a floor-length mirror.

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Large Studio with Sea View  

Captivating apartment on the first floor, with a cozy terrace, overlooking the garden and the sea. Inside with living room, kitchen and comfortable bathroom. Ideal for couples looking to relax and disconnect with a great ocean view.

Those who don't require quite as much space can opt for the studio apartment with a sea view. You'll still be able to enjoy more than 400 square feet of living space here, and the highlight has to be the magical view of the Pacific Ocean, sure to inspire the mind and soothe the soul. 

Guests will be able to slip into a state of total relaxation as they take a seat on their own private patio area and look out across the waves. You'll also enjoy views of the resort's courtyard and garden from the other windows, and you'll find plenty of great features in the apartment itself. 

This studio features a terrace, seating area, and kitchenette with refrigerator, kitchenware, coffee machine, and stove. There's a dining table too, colorful art on the walls, a cozy sofa, and bedroom space with a large bed and nightstands. You'll also find a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall for easy viewing and a private bathroom with a shower cubicle.

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Sea View Apartment 

Estudio La Música is an apartment located on the second floor. With independent entrance with a stunning ocean view. It has a terrace with gas grill and balcony on the second floor all with ocean view. With its own kitchen, private bathroom and a living room. If you want to use the Jacuzzi have an extra charge

One of the best options for visitors to Tunquen Magico is the Sea View Apartment. This is the suite to choose if you want to have the very best experience and enjoy the most breathtaking views, which are naturally the star of the show here. Guests can look out of full-length windows and watch the sun go down over the inimitable beauty of the Pacific Ocean. 

The views are simply majestic and enjoyable at any time of day, but if you can take your eyes away from the window and step back into the apartment itself, you'll find plenty more to enjoy all around you, as Tunquen Magico's sea view apartment offers more than 530 square feet of space. 

You'll find a kitchenette here with all the appliances you need to cook up your own private feasts, including a frigobar, toaster, and stove, as well as a dining table with chairs. There's also a private bathroom with shower, as well as storage spaces, a flat-screen TV, a sofa, a desk, a coffee machine, well-placed power outlets, a radio, a CD player, and much more besides. 

This apartment, like the other spaces throughout Tunquen Magico, is decorated and designed to the highest of standards, furnished to perfection with luxurious items and indulgent options spread across the walls and floors.



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Beach Front Bungalow 

Everything has a wonderful view of the sea. Duplex apartament, the  living and dining room with Bosca, plus a large kitchen with double door refrigerator and dishwasher on the first floor. On the second floor is the bedroom with private bathroom and living room. It has a breathtaking view of the sea, you can see from Algarrobo to Punta de Gallo. It also has its own terrace and grill.

Imagine having your own private home right on the beach, able to hear the sound of the waves when you open a window, stepping outside onto soft sand, and being mere seconds away from one of the most picturesque places in the whole of Chile. Well, that's exactly what you'll experience if you choose the beachfront bungalow at the Tunquen Magico.

Those who crave space will be well-served here. The beachfront bungalow offers more than 1,600 square feet of floor space. It comes with several rooms, including a private kitchen, private bathroom, bedroom, and living area too, and the whole place is decorated to the most flawless of standards, with beautiful bedding, huge windows for natural light, inspiring art on the walls, and hardwood floors too.

Guests will have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy their stay in the beachfront bungalow, which also features a long list of amenities and features such as an oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, cleaning products, coffee machine, dining table, chairs, sofas, a fireplace

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Smaller Studio with Sea View 

Estudio Roca is a fully equipped bungalow with sunset assured. It is located in the middle of large rocks, with private terrace and ocean view. It has a private bathroom with shower and closet. And a fully equipped kitchenette with ocean view. This cabin has a rose quartz and tourmaline in between the wood floor to promote relaxation.

Last but not least, the smallest space at the Tunquen Magico is the final studio apartment, which also enjoys its own sea view, just like the others. It measures up at over 230 square feet in size, and it managed to pack a lot of features and amenities into that space. 

You'll find a private kitchen with all the key appliances for preparing breakfast and cooking dinner, as well as a private bathroom too. There's also an outdoor space with an outdoor day bed for you to sit, sunbathe, and relax, along with a minibar, tile floors, soundproofing, and so on.

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