TUNQUÉN MÁGICO is an oceanfront lodging locate in the Fundo La Boca. We have five independent apartments for two people all with a breathtaking view of the ocean. They are all different and unique, each one with its own kitchen, terrace, barbecue.
Just an hour and a half from Santiago you will find silence, nature and sea!
Condominium with 24 hours security. Beach ten minutes walking distance.

We seek to provide you with the best service to make your experience unforgettable. We want to be part of your story. For this we have developed the Concierge Service so that your stay with us does not lack for absolutely nothing.

Tunquen Magico - Beachfront Bliss at Tunquen, Chile

There's nowhere in the world quite like Chile. A uniquely shaped country boasting many miles of picture-perfect coastline and a wide range of different climate conditions from the north to south, it's a land of history, culture, nature, and so much more. 

Whether you're basking on one of Chile's many beaches, exploring the Atacama desert, enjoying the rich wildlife of the nation's lakes and forests, or getting right to the heart of the action in a metropolitan city like Santiago, there's an endless list of activities to try and sights to see.

One of the most magical areas in all of Chile is Tunquen. Despite being a relatively short drive away from the nation's capital of Santiago, Tunquen is a far cry from that kind of big-city environment. It's right in the heart of nature, one of the most picturesque and unspoiled spots in all of Chile, and home to one of its pretest beaches too.

Travelers can really get away from it all at Tunquen, feeling fully at one with nature and leaving the worries and hassle of the urban world behind, while still being within touching distance of some lovely towns and cities, along with plenty of brilliant beaches and natural landscapes too. If you're looking for a fine place to stay in Tunquen, the Tunquen Magico is an ideal choice.

The Tunquen Magico

Guests can choose from apartments, bungalows, or studios at the Tunquen Magico, and each of the various accommodation options sleeps two people, making this a fine spot for couples, in particular. It's only the shortest of walks away from the Playa Tunquen, and you can find a range of wonderful things to do in the local vicinity.

Accommodation Options

There are five different accommodation options to choose from at the Tunquen Magico. Regardless of the option you choose, you'll find clean rooms, quality bedding, plenty of in-room amenities, and superb service throughout your stay.


Tunquen Magico is situated in the Tunquen area, and it's one of the only properties in the area to be situated in such a prime coastal location and boast such impressive ocean views from its rooms and suites.

It's in the enclosed 'Fundo La Boca' resort, enjoying private beach access to Playa Tunquen, Playa de la Conchitas, and Playa Los Chaguales, as well as benefiting from 24-hour security services to help every guest feel completely comfortable and safe.

It's about 90 minutes west of Santiago, well situated for trips back and forth to the capital, as well as being ideally located for visits to nearby coastal towns and cities like Mirasol, Algarrobo, El Quisco, and Isla Negra. 

Getting There

One of the best parts of staying at the Tunquen Magico is how easy it is to access. This coastal hideaway is located just 90 minutes away from Santiago, and the vast majority of flights in and out of Chile arrive at Santiago International Airport. 

Arrivals can therefore make their way through border control before getting into a rental car or private ride and taking a relatively short and leisurely journey, primarily along the Ruta 68, westwards towards the coast. 

Ruta 68 takes travelers almost all the way, and they'll simply need to turn off around Las Tablas and follow the F-800 and F-818 down to Tunquen Magico.

Things to Do Nearby

There's plenty to see, do, and enjoy for visitors to Tunquen Magico, and you won't even need to make use of a car to enjoy plenty of local activities. You can step right out of your apartment or bungalow and walk to one of several beautiful beaches nearby.

The Playa Tunquen and Playa de la Conchitas are just two examples of stunning coastal hotspots to explore, and visitors can enjoy the sound of the waves and the warm Chilean sun on their bodies as they relax here for hours on end.

There are also plenty of quiet rural paths and roads one can walk along, with nearby restaurants and some small stores to take a look at too, and part of the fun of staying in such a quaint coastal area is the thrill of local exploration and discovery.

Travelers can also take a short drive south along the coast and enjoy the well-developed towns of El Quisco and Algarrobo, or head north to places like Valparaiso. All of these towns have something different to offer, with their own unique character and culture.

You can also take a trip inland and explore the amazing Lago Peñuelas National Reserve. A protected wildlife area, the reserve covers more than 9,000 hectares of land and plays home to all kinds of amazing flora and fauna, including 120 different species of birds.

Rent the Entire Property

If you're heading to Tunquen as part of a large part of friends and family or planning a special event like a workshop, work meeting, or wedding, you can also choose to rent out the entire property at Tunquen Magico. 

This gives you access to all five accommodation locations – the three studios, plus the bungalow and the apartment – as well as the rest of the resort space, enjoying sea views all around, multiple terraces, and so much more.

Intimate Weddings

For a destination wedding, Tunquen is quite simply one of the most extraordinary destinations you can hope to choose, and the Tunquen Magico can host the happy couple and some of their closest friends and family members for a day that will never be forgotten.

Guests can celebrate together while admiring the Pacific Ocean, enjoying fresh food on private grills and all the comfort and relaxation of the resort's idyllic surroundings, retiring to their own private apartments and bungalow spaces in the evening.

Photography & Other Workshops

Tunquen Magico is also a prime spot for photoshoots and workshops of all kinds too. The postcard-style surroundings provide brilliant and beautiful backdrops for photographers, giving you countless ways to frame your shots and make magic happen.

Meanwhile, the setting and space is simply so relaxing, it's ideal for artist workshops, yoga retreats, and more. Almost any kind of activity can be enjoyed here, in the heart of nature, with luxurious accommodation for all.

Executive Meetings

Businesses, too, can opt for the Tunquen Magico, renting out the entire resort space and making use of its many facilities to host meetings, conferences, and other get-togethers with colleagues and contacts from around the world.

The spaces here come complete with free and speedy Wi-Fi to get you online, so you never need to worry about being disconnected, and the bungalow and other spaces offer plenty of room and amenities for executives to share ideas and information.